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Molinari Glove v2

GLV23 product stars

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Molinari Glove v2 Summary

Molinari Glove v2

Our best-selling original Molinari glove provided for an excellent fit and feel.  The NEW and IMPROVED Molinari glove features enhanced stitching to increase durability and a non-slip grip on the palm. The one-size-fits-all breathable stretchy material avoids transpiration build-up and provides exceptional durability.

The new glove is available in the following exciting colors:

Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Purple ( Limited Quantity ) 

Ladies / Kids size ( Small )


Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Right Hand Glove. If you make, I buy. - -Al Pachino - 2/11/2016
See above title. o.O

3 product stars
Good glove, poor quality - Nicholas Lansdown - 10/18/2017
Loved the feel, but the "improved" seam came apart just over 1 month of use. Would love another glove, but cannot justify the monthly expense.

2 product stars
Poor stitching - Aean - 1/20/2019
I have 3 of these, 2 old and 1 new versions, all have stitches that let go on the inner fingers. Great glove, needs serious quality control though.

2 product stars
Molinari glove - Kyle R - 10/27/2017
My glove only lasted 5 weeks, the seams let go and the palm wore out. It was the most comfortable glove out all of the ones I have tried. The palm pad needs to be enlarged and stitching improved. Cheers

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