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" SKY BLUE " ROYAL PRO 5 CAROM CLOTH 10-FOOT Available Sept 14th

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" SKY BLUE " ROYAL PRO 5 CAROM CLOTH 10-FOOT Available Sept 14th Summary

Royal Pro 5 Billiard Cloth is a revolutionary high-performance billiard cloth that is taking the professional 3-cushion world by storm.

It is made from synthetic silk (Viscose) rather than traditional wool (e.g. Simonis 300®).

Royal Pro has astounding and superior playing characteristics over wool:
  • Not affected by humidity which adheres to chalk
  • Little to no heat needed to maintain professional playing conditions all year round
  • Finer, faster cloth allows ball to keep its spin longer
  • Performance is consistent even after OVER 12 months of use
The Royal Pro company is based in Greece. The cloth is produced in Turkey and gets its finish in Italy. 

SPEED – Surprisingly fast

Wool gets affected by humidity which affects in speed and angles. You have always more speed and the balls are always alive after each cushion.

DURATION – Like new

Wool cannot keep the playing conditions for long time. Royal Pro loses a very small percentage of its abilities during time. Carre is always prenent even after a year.


Wool cannot keep the playing conditions, gets affected by humidity and needs heating anyway. The biggest curse of wool cloths, is that they need always polishing materials for the balls. That s why a game is never the same from the beggining to the end. Buittage is caused on the static electricity which exist only…

Comparing to Royal Pro, in wool billiard cloths, the ball looks like dead after the third cushion, but so much alive in Royal PRO even after 4, 5, 6, 7 cushions.

This is one set of cloth for a 10 foot regulation carom table.

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